“Derek is an exceptional guide and person in general. On our hunt together in 2019 for branch bull elk my daughter Alexsis (19) and I got to meet and work with Derek for the first time. Right off he was friendly and would prove to be extremely knowledgeable during our hunt over the next several days. Derek, completely worked with our wants as clients, while explaining what needed to happen to be successful. Derek worked with my abilities, as a larger guy, to make it our greatest hunting experience to date for my daughter and I.  We hunted several days together waiting for the right time and animal to present itself. When it came time to accomplish the difficult, we agreed that I would stay back at a great observation spot and Derek and Lexi would go to a better position and hopefully get a shot. We weren’t successful that evening but because of his extensive knowledge and instincts, he was confident of where to be the next morning. I stayed back so they could move faster and easier. As a father, I trusted Derek completely with the safety and protection of my daughter and had complete confidence he would get her the best shot possible. They worked together and he put her in the perfect spot when the time was right. He even fashioned her a set of shooting sticks with what was available around them. When the bull got up from his bed Lexi had a great 250 yard shot and anchored her bull, thanks to Derek’s knowledge and persistence.

    This was our first guided hunt and Lexis first big game harvest. It is one that neither of us will ever forget thanks to Derek helping to make it an awesome experience.”


Thanks Derek!

Steve Buckmeier

“I had a great experience with Derek. He’s a GREAT GUIDE! Helped take me to my first big buck in fossil Oregon. He helped me fight it out for two days and finally got me what I wanted. Thanks Derek!”

Dino Stevens

“Drawing the Mt. Emily archery tag, I had high expectations of seeing lots of animals and a good trip. This was all made possible with Derek as my guide. He gave me a lot of opportunities with elk & elk encounters. As a guide, he learns the land before taking you out, & knows elk to an extreme. Being a young and athletic hunter, he was willing and able to take me wherever I needed to go to find the elk of my dreams. Derek is willing to go the extra mile for his clients & at times I coulda swore this man spoke elk.
Not only is he an amazing guide, he is all around a great person. I highly recommend Derek to anyone.

Levi Wing

“I was very apprehensive about using a guide for a once in a lifetime hunt with my oldest son. After spending just 1 day with Derek all my concerns were gone! We spent a unforgettable week and he showed us 20+ Bulls. He has a great skill set and was willing to do anything to ensure a successful hunt, there is no doubt we will be hunting with him again!!!!!!

Greg Wing

"Derek is the real deal! Passionate about hunting and treats his clients like family."

David Wedge

I did a 7 day back pack hunt with Derek. He is full of knowledge when it comes to hunting and the outdoors. He made me feel very comfortable like I had known him forever. He put us on elk numerous times and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. We covered 62 miles in 7 days and never had a dull moment when we were out. He taught me many things that seemed simple but that I had never noticed. If anyone is looking for a guided hunt I would highly recommend Eastern Oregon Outfitters!

Stephen Seed