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     My name is Derek Miller. I moved to Northeast Oregon over 30 years ago when my grandfather passed away. As a teenager I took up hunting, but with no father figure in my life it was difficult to learn. I had some success but it wasn’t until I learned to be a student of nature that things really clicked. What I would have given to have someone to mentor me.

     It took me 10 years to finally figure out how to consistently take big game. A friend who guided asked me in about 2001 if I’d like to help him on a bighorn sheep hunt. It was a moment that really inspired me to pursue what has become one of the things that I’m most passionate about. Guiding lets me help other hunters be successful and enjoy their time on the mountain in a way that is lacking these days. Maybe they are a first time hunter. Maybe they are short on time and need someone to do a lot of the footwork to maximize the time they do have. Maybe they don’t have access to the equipment or livestock needed to get into the places they want to hunt. Maybe they have physical limitations that make it hard to do on their own. Whatever the reason we are glad to be a part of their hunt.

     I have guided for several outfitters over the years as time, life, work and family have allowed. A few years ago I decided to guide more and see if there was a way to turn my passion for hunting and helping people into a way to support my family. I worked for good outfitters and bad and learned from both. Watching them make a living for themselves off my sweat and dedication only inspired me more to take the leap of faith and get my own outfitting permit. 2020 was my first year booking, outfitting and guiding my own hunts.

     I had met some great people guiding for others that told me I should be doing this myself, that my hard work, experience, honesty and integrity will guarantee my success. Those are the cornerstones that that I’m building on. I don’t have plans or desires to be a big name outfitter. I want to help create memories for hunters and spend more time with my family while doing that. My wife and kids help in camps whenever possible and this is very much a family business. I encourage clients to bring their families. You never know what seeds might get planted if they come along.

     The areas we hunt are public land, and vary from desert to subalpine.  Our guides have spent their whole lives hunting and share the same passion we have for hunting. Our camps are spacious and well appointed with quality gear and great food. Your experience is the most important part of this equation. We work hard to ensure that you have a great experience and quality hunt.

     From once in a lifetime hunts to yearly hunts with your family or friends and everything in between, Eastern Oregon Outfitters is here for you. We offer multi-day hunting trips, drop camps and scouting services for deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, antelope and bear  in north central and eastern Oregon.

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