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2024 Available Hunting Opportunities

We still have some availability for outfitted/guided hunts if you are successful in the Oregon controlled hunt drawing. Specifically in Mt.Emily, Wenaha, and Walla Walla Units for Elk. Also Spring Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat and antelope hunters please contact for availability in your unit. We are permitted to offer services in Mt.Emily, Wenaha, Walla Walla, Catherine Cr, Starkey, Keating, Pine Cr, Lookout Mtn and others on an as needed basis. 


 We do currently have nonresident outfitter tag availability, see details below.

Non resident outfitter tags:


253R1 Eagle Cap Zone Archery

August 31-Sept 29 - One Bull

4 Available

254Y1 Mt.Emily Rifle

Oct.30-Nov 17 - One Bull

1 Available  - PENDING

264A3 Lookout Mtn Rifle

December 19-31 - Any Elk

1 Available


152M Grande Ronde Muzzleloader

November18- December 1 - One White-tailed deer

2 Available

163R Keating Uniit Archery

Aug 31-Sept 29 - One Buck visible antler

4 Available

164R Lookout Mtn Archery

Aug 31- Sept 29 - One Buck visible antler

1 Avaliable

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